Smooth-on vytaflex 10 with ure-fil 11 help

I hope someone can please help me here.
I have just made a lifecast head bust with smooth-ons body double silk and then backed that over with the body double standard to add extra strength. After I released the model from the cast. I added 2 coats of urecoat with a flesh tint from so strong.
Now someone told me to back the cured urecoat with vytaflex 10 and add ure-fil 11 to thicken the vytaflex 10.
Ok, my 2 questions are, what does adding the vytaflex 10 to back the urecoat do? I am using the urecoat as a skin before I fill it with foam-it 6. So I don't know what does adding the vytaflex 10 to back the urecoat do??
And secondly, though I tinted the urecoat with a flesh paint from So strong , do I need to tint the vytaflex 10 with a flesh color if I am going to back the urecoat?
I hope I explained myself well enough and it isn't confusing.
Thank you very much for your time and courtesy and look forward to hearing from you soon.
Forever Forward,

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HI ROWDY. if it feels strong enough to you and as you say why would you mess up the flesh tone you have all ready done as you want that to be your final finish on the outside of your model. if i made a hollow shell to be filed with expanding foam i would just make sure the inside was strong enough to take the foam when it expands. maybe backing the inside of the model with some fibreglass strands. i don't live in the states but have made models with the same idea. maybe backyard builder would know. sounds like you are on the final stage and you just want to add the foam. i have seen smoothons video where they made a model in the same way. they are there to help you with tech advice as you are using there products so i would ask them by phone google the website tell them what stage you are at.

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Thank you for your help i appreciate it alot.

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