Pine Marten In Cold Cast Bronze,I’ve Polished It Up With Fine Wire Wool Since The Photo; Looks Much Better.

Just a few photographs of my work, including sculptures, pen and ink drawings and oils.

Pine Marten

penny at 3 months taken at home 0871.JPG

So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment.


  • mickpearson: so much detail in the horse and the back ground looking into the hills. ill have to show these to my brother when he comes to see me these are both beautiful the piece you sculpted and your sketch amazing.
  • Vale: amazing work! thank you for sharing it
  • Tony Wilson:

    When I first did the horse,it was meant to be just a study of the horse itself with no background but I made a slight smudge so had to draw in the clouds to cover it up-which looked a bit odd,so I had to include something for him to stand on-hence the foreground and the hills! I’ll have to show you the black labrador that I did, which, ( by calculating two different ways)has about 3/4 of a million pen strokes in it.Best regards.Tony.

  • Vale: Wow, that’s a lot of brush strokes!
  • julia: love them

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