I have a hand and foot plaster cast of my gran child who passed on weeks ag...

I have a hand and foot plaster cast of my gran child who passed on weeks ago. How can I make another cast from it with out damaging it in any way

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2 years ago #2
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HI. i am sorry to hear about your sad loss for you and all your family. the hand and foot would have been cast in a seaweed rubber that comes in a powder it is pink white or blue one sets in two minuets it is called fast setting algae and one sets in 5 minuets to give you more working time. you can re use this to make a copy of your hands and foot. iv.e made hand castings of my grand children when they where even younger and only recently the grand children where asking me to do more. if you do a google search you will find lots of supply type in life casting rubber or pregnant belly casting hands and feet. there is a more permanent rubber silicone skin safe rubber but you can use this if you are planning on making a mould or mold you want to keep. as algenaet rubber is a one of moulding powder but it is cheaper than the silicone. but have a look at both. make sure the silicone is called skin safe.

2 years ago #3

Will using this method impair the original plaster of paris sculpture? Does the sculpture need to be sealed prior to do the fast setting algae?

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2 years ago #4

HI PMARIE. depends on how soft the plaster is but to be on the safe side dust the hand if there is a need with a feather duster and use a spray acrylic varnish like a mat varnish. if you don't want it to look to glossy i have gave a bit more detail on your other post. i hope you see it. take care. sorry about your sad loss. mick

10 months ago #5

Hi Mick, I had my sons feet bronzed when he passed away at 4 months old. My husband and I have now separated and he wants a copy of ours feet. Can this be done please

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10 months ago #6
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It should be quite easy to do this. If you want somebody to do it for you, check with a local pottery guild and see if someone wants to take on the task. They'll have to make a plaster mold (negative) and then cast a positive from that mold for you.

If you'd like to attempt it yourself and are unsure of how to do it, then feel free to read through the forum. There are lots of threads discussing how to do this very thing.

1 month ago #7

Is there anyone who can do this professionally? My son passed away and I can't bare to have the pieces seperated so I need to duplicate at least one.

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1 month ago #8

HI MICA. i never seen maria's post 8.months ago. my answer to her would have been the same as this one. alginate rubber is a safe seaweed that comes in a powder form. anyone can use it and some people do it as a business. you simply mix it with warm water. then the child or adult puts there hand or feet into it and it then sets in two minuets flat. then you pull your hand or foot out and you now have a mould like magic. then you mix plaster and pore it into that mould. let it set. you now have a cast replica of your hand or foot like magic. you can now take that hand or foot and secure it in a box putting any type of modelling clay underneath it to act as a glue to hold it in place. then mix up some more alginate rubber to pore over the plaster hand or foot. let it set. two minuets then lift the hand or foot out. you now have a mould to cast another plaster hand or foot. its easy to use and very cheap. you can google hand and foot casting. and also look at youtube videos to see how its done. also you can look to see who in your local area does this for a living and ask them to make you a copy. google and seek. and you will find.

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