How Can We Transfer Handprints That Were Made In Cement?


Jasmin wrote: We moved into our house 4 years ago when my son was 1 and daughter was 3. We put their hand prints in the wet cement on our patio. We are now moving and I am sad to leave these behind. Is there some way I can make a form of the prints? Or any creative way of taking a copy of the prints with me other than cutting out the concrete or taking a picture?

You’ll need to either search the garage, or go to the hardware store and pick up a couple of items. You’ll need some paste wax (the kind you use on your car) and a small bag of plaster of Paris. You’ll also need some varnish or shellac as well as some tape and cardboard to build a small wall.

Clean and then wax the prints on the sidewalk. Use the tape and cardboard to build a small wall (about 2″ high) around the prints. Use tape to seal the bottom of the wall as well. Mix the POP according to the manufacturer’s instructions and pour into the hand prints.

Allow to harden for about an hour. Remove carefully. You have just made a negative mold of the impression. Finally, varnish the surface of the mold. You can now use the negative mold to make a new impression in some concrete or POP.

Hint: Make a stepping stone next time.... Much easier to move in the future!

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  • MICHAEL: good idea another method is buy a small amount of silicone rubber clean the area where the hand prints are and mix the silicone and catalyst then pore it into the hand prints. then when this sets you can carry the prints with ease in your bag and when you mix up some new concrete in your new house you can press these rubber hands into you new wet concrete plus they will last you for years and you can use them more than once. and use them again and again.
  • Vale: Those are both good ideas!
  • BackYard Builder: Super Idea, Michael ~ BYB

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