Giant ChainChomp Prop/Catbed. Foam+Yogaball

Hey guys, I was looking to make this prop for an upcoming video I was making and I was really struggling. So I found this site and I received a lot of helpful tips, so I wanted to post the final product. He turned out awesome and my cat is now using it as her new bed! Thanks for the help!

The biggest problem I was having was structural integrity (once the mouth was cut open) and I wasn’t sure what to use as a hardcoat. During this build, I experimented with all sorts of hardcoats (bondo3/glass/fiberglass, durhams, monstermud, plaster de paris, etc.). So now I feel like kind of an expert, if you have any questions about making anything like this, let me know!

Also, I thought about using concrete as a hardcoat, but I figure it would be wayyy too heavy to move and hard to sand down. But I am curious if it would work or if it would squish the foam (the foam is needed for the gums, where the teeth are inserted)?

So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment.


  • Vale: Nice job, it looks great!! Do you think you could do another blog and compare the different hardcoats?
  • BackYardBuilder: That’s a neat project. Thanks for getting back to us.
  • nothingtodocrew: Vale, That’s a great idea! I did put some notes down and took some pictures while building it. I’ll make a blog about it
  • Vale: Great!

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