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Tips on Oil Based Modelling Clay =3 by MeowingInsanely
Hai =3 Edit: Plasticine is a brand XD So I changed it to avoid confusion So I've been experimenting oil based clay (It's a common & cheap type of modelling clay here). I want to share some tips using this type of clay ^w^ (Excuse the ...
How can we transfer handprints that were made in cement? by BackYardBuilder
Jasmin wrote: We moved into our house 4 years ago when my son was 1 and daughter was 3. We put their hand prints in the wet cement on our patio. We are now moving and I am sad to leave these behind. Is there some way I can make a form of the ...

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Coincidence. This 12" bronze was cast sometime before 1975, I know because I recall seeing it in the office of the previous owner. The Quarterback's number is clearly legible on his ...
by Stek - 7 hours ago
Try one post and it if gets too long, make it a series and add links to the end of each post to the other blogs.
by Vale - 1 day ago
definitely agree with i agree with backyardbuilder as polyurethanes are unlike silicone. urethanes are very sticky and need a release agent on any surface as they tend to stick. great for ...
by MICHAEL - 1 day ago
Yes I have all facts about Winterstone. There were several distributors in Australia but sadly no longer. I am considering to have a lot shipped from New Zealand. If anybody is interested I ...
by Jutta Pilz - 2 days ago
Thanks for these tips! I didn't actually realize you could dye the plasticine yourself and the baby powder seems like a good idea!
by Vale - 3 days ago
Exterior latex paint http://www.krkornamentalconcrete.com/painting-concrete-statues/
by brian - 3 days ago
Yep there are more questions than answers in this world x3 Every answer gives tuns of questions.
by MeowingInsanely - 3 days ago

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