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where is information on silicone mold? I was wondering ifI could make a mold out of silicone and use it to form ... silicone.

4 years ago#2
RTV Steve

Yes and you will need a mold release so silicone does not stick to silicone

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Am I correct in interpreting your question, as you wanting to create a silicone mold to cast silicone?
Normally, one would make a rigid mold if the plan is to cast flexible casts. Or one would make a flexible mold to cast rigid casts. Either one would serve for numerous replications.
But to reply to your question as I understand it, yes, you could do that. If you are asking this question then its probable that your experience in this area is limited. So be warned that if your subject has been modelled in a material that would cause inhibition in the curing of silicone polymer mold, then you would have regrets.
So lets begin with the material from which your model is made. Tell us!

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