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What is a good sculpting clay for beginners? I usually work with textile, but feel like getting my hands dirty

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depends on what your looking to do, for sculpting pieces with sculpting clay, I recomend the amaco clay that you can purchase from www.dickblick.com They have a variety of clays there to choose from - this is where you roll up your sleaves and get dirty - this clay is great to work with for general sculpting, but not for really detailed pieces. For really detailed pieces I would go with castilene that you can get at www.sculpt.com the only place I've found to get the stuff, its a wax clay, when warmed up it works like clay, but when cool is hard as wax, so you can do your basic sculpting with it soft, and then when it cools off and hardens, you can go at it with the sculpting tools for extreme detail - one of the advantages to the castilene over sculpey is that for most projects, there is no need for a wire frame, the stuff hardens and is strong enough to support itself for most projects. If you need any more help with this, let me know.

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If you are in India...any potter will give you terracota clay which is Ideal for beginners.You do get your hands dirty in the process but the end result is fascinating.You will also need a set of sculpting tools.

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