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Who were the Moreau sculptors?
Musée d'Orsay: Six Continents - l'Océanie The Moreau family sculptor dynasty begins with Jean Baptiste Moreau, who was born in Dijon, France at the end of the 18th century. ...
by Gee Bee
How to make a full mold for a silicone baby
There is one way to do a full mold for a full silicone baby, and I have been researching this, but haven't done it yet. You start off by drawing a line through the center of the baby, around its ...
by siliconemaker65
How to encapsulate an object in resin
Think about how you would like the end mold to look - for example, what if you enclosed the object in a glass mould box?To do this: First, you would take a piece and wax polish it with wax ...
by mickpearson
Tips for filling in undercuts and making a fibreglass mother mould
I made a lion 3ft tall on a pedestal and I filled in the undercuts then made a fibreglass mother mould. One way to thicken the undercuts up on the latex is to use powdered car tyres and paste that ...
by mickpearson
How to make a mold and copy of a statue
To make a latex mold and make a concrete copy you will need a few things and then follow the steps below. Materials: masking tape tub of latex for mold making paint brush cheesecloth heat ...
by namron
Which silicone to use when casting a doll?
When casting a doll, any silicone you want to use is the answer. People pick a silicone and stick by it because it's the silicone they have come to know. So, any mould making silicone will do. The ...
by mickpearson
Making your own concrete statues
Making cement for sculpting You can try mixing some cement with a ready-made mix, or you can try making your own. I make my own concrete. To do this, I buy a bag of sharp sand it has grit in it ...
by mickpearson
The Ten Dollar Vibrater
I've only recently gotten into the hobby of casting concrete. Often, interest in this hobby is spurred when you see something you like in a local garden center. You'll spot an item that you really, ...
by BackYardBuilder
TECH TIP - To Remove (De-Vest) Shellspen Ceramic Shell from newly cast Bronze
Place casting on wood surface or canvas filled sand bags. Hammer pour cup and sprues, removing most Shell. On larger pieces, carefully hit Ceramic Shell with hammer to break and crack it. (To prevent ...
by Shellspen
HOW TO repair and repaint a statue. Remove as much of the flaky paint with a medium stiff wire brush, abrasive foam blocks(very handy and may be bought at "£" shops quite cheaply - you can get ...
by Tony Wilson
Casting with marble dust
Marble Dust The purpose of this technique is to emulate or rework the marble to look as it looked before it was reduced to dust. Once stone masons are finished with the marble, the dust left is ...
by mickpearson
Casting concrete garden ornaments
Painting on the latex Sometimes, not all the time, concrete ornaments have a wee problem with air getting trapped between the latex that is being painted on. In order to prevent this from ...
by mickpearson
Light weight concrete
by Wren
How to use hot pour vinyl molds
Why Choose Hot Vinyl: Hot vinyl molds are really ingenious and are a highly economic option for making molds. They are the way forward for people with low budget.Hot vinyl molds are cheaper ...
by Asif Nadeem
Desktop Injection Molding Machine Uses
If you're a hobbyist or student thinking about building a small model or creating a project using small plastic parts, a desktop injection molding machine may be the route to go for creating the ...
by smashswinehouse
How I create my bas relief sculptures
I'm curious about alternative methods used by sculptors in this group. Please let me know if you have tip or tricks to help me simplify my process. 1. Choose image (this is a 10 year old photo ...
by EricTheSculptor
What are the laws on reproducing dolls from molds purchased on Ebay?
Like any moulds bought, you are allowed to make and sell the castings. However, you are not allowed to make more moulds and sell the moulds. Or course, this does not stop the average person... ...
by mickpearson
My new otter in cold-cast bronze ; the finished item.( 14 Pictures)
Otto and Ely- "eel meat again....." The first five pictures are of the plasticine sculpture prior to the latex mould making (a thoroughly interesting pastime for those who like to watch paint ...
by Tony Wilson
How to create an antique appearance
There are quite a few ways you can do antique type effects. Here are a few examples of what I've done using different methods. 1) This one I call the Watery Black Wash.. Get an old plastic pot, ...
by paxi
Casting and molding with foam and resin
Insulation foam makes a great mold for casting. Blue and pink blocks of rigid insulation foam can be purchased from DIY stores. The benefits of using insulation foam include: It is rigid, ...
by mickpearson
How to fix a marble floor
How to Fix Marble Floors Marble floors add to the majestic appearance of your home and upkeep on a regular basis is a must in order to keep them smooth and shiny. Though it does not require ...
by Asif Nadeem
Dipping method for latex moulds
The dipping method 1. Take two similarly shaped containers, one that is smaller than the other and can fit inside it. 2. Fill the larger container with latex. 3. Put a hole in the bottom of the ...
by mickpearson
How to create plaster of paris molds
By Sonoflightning (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons Plaster of Paris molds are inexpensive and easy to make as opposed to purchasing molds online. Here is a simple guide to ...
by Asif Nadeem
How to make a latex flange
Making a Latex Flange I keep any plastic round shapes from food containers, like a yummy cake we have just eaten. Then I use the shape as a mould and cast plaster into them. As you can see, they ...
by mickpearson
Making planters from pea pebbles
To make these planters, pebbles are mixed with a layup resin - the same method that some people have used to decorate their driveways. Make the mixture quite dry as the resin will glue the ...
by mickpearson
How to introduce latex to a sculpture
Why is it better to introduce the latex?If you put a model into a tub of latex, you trap air as you introduce the model.Materials Needed:Empty plastic tub with holes in the bottom (you can do ...
by mickpearson
Eagle in cold cast bronze that I sculpted and cast about 25 years ago (and still shining!)
This eagle was made in the same way that I have done all of my little sculptures. I used plasticine to do the actual sculpting (bought in large, self-coloured blocks, which works out cheaper). The ...
by Tony Wilson
How to make a casting
For the cast, there is a seaweed rubber called Alginate. Using this material will give fantastic detail. It is a powder that needs to be mixed with water. It takes only two minutes to set ...
by mickpearson
dual cast badger
This is the dual cast badger. As with all my sculptures this was done in plasticine first then a latex mould was made. The badger was cast in white resin and the rest in cold cast bronze then the ...
by Tony Wilson
A few tips for learner casters and sculptors
Everyone likes to save a bit of time and money and this is just as true in "model making". I hate waste, and have never liked throwing away surplus materials such as plaster of paris, stone ...
by Tony Wilson
Tips for making planters
Here are a couple of ideas for making planters; If you were wanting to make a square planter, a form could be fashioned out of wood. Mick also had the idea of using a cardboard box as an ...
by BackYardBuilder
How to Patinate
Patina is a form of discoloration or tarnishing that occurs on the surface of metals like copper and bronze. Essentially, it is a result of the oxidation of the metal surface or other ...
by Asif Nadeem
Making a mark,leaving a smile
Hi,my name is Susie,I am a Artist/writer,,,I have always enjoy the beauty of Art,different forms,and new life to be Explore ,I am a widow,have two wonderful sons,before I took early retirement I work ...
by PinkAngle
2 Videos -Moulding / Casting Freehand Concrete Birdbath / Planter.
Occasionally I get the incline to mould Concrete freehand using a pre-existing form as a base mold. I came across this large wood bowl at a garage sale a few years back and it makes a great form ...
by GunZ McGraw
My new,new "Otto"
A few pics. of the new "rougher" Otto.
by Tony Wilson
Vacuum chambers and bubble free resin
If you want to eliminate bub
by mickpearson
Concrete casting
Liquid polymer is a water reducer, and it makes the mix harder. Less water with the polymer means fewer bubbles and, the larger the stones in a mix, the larger the bubbles. This is because air ...
by mickpearson
Water hardness
There are a number of factors that affect the hardness of water. The most common is the presence of salts and minerals in the water. Hence, it is not possible to give a general declaration about ...
by Asif Nadeem
Using a release agent with a latex mould
Release agents are not needed for pouring concrete or plaster into latex moulds, but sometimes people find a mould with a complex shape that will give them a problem when removing it from a ...
by mickpearson

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