3 years ago

Tip- Dont use shellac as a sealer for polysterine which you want to cover in fiberglass.Aluminium tin foil ,sprayed with contact adhesive(do some tests first )worked for me.You also spray the foam, wait untill sticky I used stuff called STIKATAK superspray.Blow on the foil to get the middle to touch first, then use your hand(work from the center out) and roller ,(I used a paint roller) dont worry about the slight wrinkling you are covering it with fiberglass.I have now heard that grease proof paper works,I need to check this out.Bear in mind I was working on flat surfaces regards from Ireland ps to glue one foam piece to another, use the spray foam from a tube on one surface, now place the other foam piece ,on top with a weighton it, , leave for an hour .

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