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I love Beijings “Bird’s Nest” and since I am a bit of an ostrich at times managed to be unaware of the wonder in making until the actual opening ceremony.
I have now of course read about it extensively and on of my favorite posts about it was on Hello Beautiful, I warmly recommend you click and read.

One of the Artists Hello Beautiful mentions in connection to the Birds nest is Martin Puryear.
I am only vaguely familiar with his work, but like the with the”Birds Nest” a peace descends on me while looking at it so I went searching for more information on him and his work.
in an interview to Art:21 he says

The work doesn’t have to be a transparent vehicle for you to say things about life today or what you see people doing to each other or things like that. Not that that’s not in the work ever, because I think the work can contain a lot of things, but my vehicle typically is to make work that is about the presentation of the work itself and what went into the making of the work as an object. And there’s a story in the making of objects. There’s a narrative in the fabrication of things, which to me is fascinating. Not as fascinating perhaps as the final form or the final object itself, but I think by working incrementally there’s a built in story in the making of things which I think can be interesting.

martin puryear

Photo: Richard Barnes/Museum of Modern Art

Looking at his work, this philosophy is quite clear. There is a quietness and modesty in work that speaks of the process and media - of the transformation from one state to another that is so profound, it is hard to find in works that actually have a “message” or a Speech to deliver.

Although Birds Nest actually does speak volumes, of the transformation of materials(woven steel - hard and soft) of humankind and its many chosen paths and of other things it does all this through pure form and function much like Puryear and his work.

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