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Glasses Chandalear

photo credit:Hiroko Masuike for The New York Times

The Question of what makes art art, is not a new one and the discussion get more and more complex as time goes by and “art” evolves.
Is just having something to say and saying it enough to make something art?
Where is the line drawn between art, design and craft, and why, if at all is that line so important to preserve?
The Museum of Arts and Design in New York has a show called Second Lives: Remixing the Ordinary.
The participating artist reused masses of plastic utensils, old combs newspapers, glasses LPs and lots of other refuge to make the pieces.
Unfortunately I didn’t get to see this exhibition with my own two eyes but from what I see in this slide show here it is quite delightful.
I know that delightful isn’t a word necessarily connected with art, but in my book, if your Idea and presentation uplifts my spirit - then the work is delightful.
Other than the obvious fact that greener is a must in all walks of life, and art is no exception (crafts for that matter as well) taking objects and transforming them into something else - connected associatively or not is a very interesting approach to art, which in itself is aways a deriving from one thing into another. This is just one step further on.

Roberta Smith, from the New york times complained about the blurring of the lines that differentiate art, crafts and design.
I cant for the life of me think why these lines are so important to maintain.
Craft is about the medium, design about the aesthetics and the function and art about expression. I cant see any reason not to mix and match so to speak.

Ruby Re - Usable from Olympia Dumpster Divers has a thing or two to say about Roberta Smiths review, and since they do it so well I will not repeat what they say.

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