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Ursula Von Rydingsvard

sculpture by Ursula Von Rydingsvard

Recently, the University of Wyoming Art Museum has opened a public art exhibition Sculpture: A Wyoming Invitational.
It will be open to the public though July 31 2009.
You can get up to date information about the goings on around the exhibition on the Exhibitions blog.

One of the featured artists is Ursula Von Rydingsvard Who does massive wood sculptures. in an interview to Art:21 she says

VON RYDINGSVARD:If I were to point to something from the camps that one can see most directly in my work it is that we stayed in barracks-with raw wooden floors, walls, and ceilings. I have a feeling that that fed into my working with wood. And the first time I ever saw Poland-all of the villages, all the homes there, were made of wood. There were stacks of wood, doors, and troughs of wood. Wood was the building material. So it’s somewhere in my blood, and I’m dipping into that source. The way in which I manipulate the cedar is very important to me, but I have a feeling that I even learned from things that I never saw. Working with it and looking at it feels familiar.

I actually visited the home where I was born and it is made out of wood at the top. The bottom is made out of those dark beams with white plaster in between the beams. There was a basement in which the animals and the beets and the potatoes were kept. That was wooden too.

ART:21: Do your memories get absorbed into the work?

VON RYDINGSVARD: I remember sitting on steps and having on something like a nightgown. This nightgown was made of a raw linen that was quite stiff, and it folded in ways that had almost mountainous landscapes to it-a kind of erect landscape that made all kinds of indentations and crevices, little hilltops and so on. And I just remember feeling it on my body, the harshness of it and at the same time the softness of the parts that were more worn down. And I remember the sun hitting those structures on my body. That’s a memory that has vagueness in it, but I’ve dipped into it a lot.

(worth reading the entire interview)

Another wonderful artist participating is , Patrick Dougherty.

He has done a site-specific sculpture created from truckloads of locally-collected saplings, the artist has titled the work Short Cut because it is placed on an unofficial path the students us as a short cut on campus

Sourse: Art:21

photo credit creative commons Aetiron

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