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cover in tin foil thats the secret
high gunZ Mcraw is right shellac might melt your polystyrene but the fibrglass definatly will resin will destroy it but i read in a book that lashings of emulshion paint on the polystyrene first was suposed to have elimenated this problem but i dont know if its true or false small experiment
GunZ McGraw
Hi ya .. Well I have never done it. I am curious as to your cause? Now I've used shellac to seal plaster and wood for latex.. I would try a small sample and see how it goes. I don't believe shellac contains any acetone .. which will dissolve polystyrene ... high temp wax or a high carbona wax is used with fglass all the time .. even petro jelly ..
has anyone used shellac to seal polysterine prior to covering in fiberglass
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