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Well, here it goes; I used waterproof foam sealant, spread it all over the plaster of paris rock, and it is now almost hard. You are able to paint it afterward- I'll keep you posted. WARNING- it was a messy job; 1 pair of shorts and 1 shirt obliterated!!! Any ideas on how to make it more realistic?
I'm thinking at this point of surounding it in colored concrete in it's to-be-permanent spot, priming it and then sealing it.
GunZ McGraw
How bout some pictures? I'd like to see this rock
I plastered it around a huge double thick contractors bag with excelsior inside to keep the shape, and yes, I'm planning on keeping it in my garden outside. I refuse to pay for rocks!!!
GunZ McGraw
Hello? Did you plaster it around wire or newspaper? you keeping it inside? Plaster won't last long outside.
Maybe a Polyurethane?
I'm making a garden rock. I have papermached it with plaster strips, but want to strenghten it and paint it. How do I do it?
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