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Hi almost any resin can be mixed with marble dust;if its a polyester resin then you need to ad a little white colour pigment to give you an authentic look. if its a smoothon resin then you could do the same the release agent would be used at a later stage you could use latex or silicon looking at your ornament its not of complex shape you decide what rubber to use the materials are the chosen rubber if its latex you dont need rlease agent if its silicon then ad release to your shoping list if you can afford silicon it is the better chiose once you have chosen let me know the mesurements of your model and ill tell you how much materiel you need before you start work and ill gide you through your work how doese that sound
mick pearson
if you want to have a go at making things yourself thats good i would look up smooth on on the web thaye are in the states i live in scotland all the good stuf is in the states there are some parts of britain sell some products from abroad so i look on the web you can buy books and wach videose on you tube
jennifer barnard
Please can you give me a list of materials needed for making the mold and cast, including the best sealants, releases and type of resin to use with the marble -dust.
I would rather not ship in materials. Can I get hold of some of them from builders merchants and hardware stores? If not do you know of suppliers near Arezzo and Florence ?
Thank you
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