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Dick Miller
Several years ago, I developed breast prostheses for mastectomies. Depending on durometer, or firmness, that is the most difficult part, the rest would require purchasing a small amount of a two part system, make a mold and cross link at325 degrees.
Some days back, there was a request for guidance on making a foot prosthesis. My reply was that the making of a prosthesis is a professional task. Your request falls in the same category.

The professional closest to you is in Rochester I think. Here are the details. You can go for a consultation.

Michaela Calhoun
1424 Snelling Ave. N.
Saint Paul, MN, 55108
United States

However, Barbara is a dedicated mammary prosthesis maker and so it would be a very good idea to consult with her too.

Barbara Spohn-Lillo, AS, CCA-Ocularist, CF-m
Prosthetic Illusions (aka Rocky Mtn. Anaplastology)
3405 S Yarrow St Suite C
Lakewood CO 80227 www.prostheticillusions.com
<phone> <phone>

Of course it will cost you some. But do talk to the above two professionals who will guide you on how your health insurance could share the costs.

Good luck!
I went to the site and it is not helping me. I am interested in making soft rubbery silicone but I have zero knowledge of types of products to make it myself. How do I do that?
my recomendation would be to go to www.smooth-on.com There are tutorials there on how to do body castings along with a listing of the materials you would need for the project. What I would recomend would be to do seperate castings of both breasts, then make a casting of the imperfect one. using say a cardboard box, cut out a hole that the mold of the perfect breast could fit into laying down, then you would pour your silicone casting material into the mold, place the casting of the imperfect breast (preplaning to make sure it rests level with the other mold and not sinks all the way into it and making sure there is adequate amount of mold release on both the casting and mold) the space inbetween the casting and mold will make the prosthetic to fit over the imperfect breast. Follow all instruction on preperation and curing time and make sure to powder the piece as you remove it to make sure it does not stick to itslelf. Check the site, I think there may be other options for hold than spirit gum. This is a basic idea, I do sculpting Since this is more of a personal nature and not making a sculpture for your living room if you would like help with this project I would be more than willing to do any work for free as long as you covered the cost of materials needed.
Prosthetics Guy
McGinny,you could employ a film prosthetic artist to do this but my advice would be to use a medically approved/designed prostheses.There are chemicals that leach out of cured silicone that you wouldnt necessarilly want on your skin.I hope you find your soulution,good luck!
I would like to cast my breast and make a soft silicone breast to fit over a botched reconstructed breast. It would have to be hollow in the back and the bulk of the silicone would be toward the front where nipples are. The part that would fit against my body would have to be rather thin in able to glue it to my skin. spiritSpirit gun? I don't know.
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