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i want to make a mould of my breasts so i can make chocolate ones for my husband for easter. what do i use and how? ANY info would be helpful thankyou

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www.smooth-on.com is a good place to start, they have tutorials on body casting along with the materials needed to complete the project - you might want to google molding supplies specifically for casting chocolate, there is rubber molding supplies out there specific for casting foods - a much simpler cheaper method would be using a material called flex wax(I believe www.dickblick.com carries this) , its a molding material you heat and brush on (be carefull when using any heated materials)- use cheese cloth inbetween layers- build up a few layers before removing - referigerate, then heat up your chocolate and brush in thin layers so the heat does not damage the mold - you can either build up a 1/4 to half inch and refrigerate and then using an exacto knife cut the mold and carefully romove mold or place in a large bowl of ice water and then slowly pour in melted chocolate to the mold spreading out and building up til filled.
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Good Idea to fulfill the wish of all husbands.

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hi hun, how did your breast sculpture go? I was thinking of the same but of my bum..."hot X buns" type of thing. I havent a clue where to get the silicone/rubber cast making stuff from....any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Use compositmold. ..Google it, you can get it in food grade

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