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how to do silicone life casting sculpting how to get material in indi

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Your question makes two queries:
1- how to do silicone life casting--there is no such thing unless you are referring to the double syringe silicone elastomer plungers used by prosthetists in the process of limb making.
However, it is possible that you mean you would like to do life casting. If that is the case, you may be able to use dental alginates successfully.

2- how to get material in Indi---I presume that you mean to ask how you could get these materials in India. If that is the case, then for prosthetic silicone impression materials you could contact Endolite. For molding and casting elastomers, you could contact Smooth On. Both sources have agents in India.

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HI. darilatkins. has gave you some good advice. if you want instructions on how to do life casting, have a look at the videos on you tube and they will give you an idea how it is done,

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MR. Atkins
hello to you, my name is Marco a peruvian Artist,I would like to develop a flexible or elastic mold for slipclay casting...plaster is completly rigid....I need some form of hydrophillic(wather absorbent) rubber or silicone,
to cast clay,and retain detail and undercuts.Iwill appreciate your advice..thanxxx

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