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How much does it cost to do a full bust portrait in bronze from a foundry and where can I find a foundry to do this?

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GunZ McGraw
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Hi ya

I don't have a clue about metalworking but you could find out with a little detective work and some social engineering. Look in your local yellow pages or Google your area for sculptor supply stores
both retail and wholesale. Make some calls ask them if they can hook you up. Smaller art stores sometimes have noticeboards where artist advertise services. Check out continuing eduction courses at the community college. Look for a sculpting course. Call the instructor & ask them if they can help you?


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Hi I can help you with that.
Do you have a sculpture already? how big do you want it? do you have a picture?


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The first thing you have to ask yourself is how much work, money and time/talent you have.
If you don't have the equipment, I'd go to a foundry to have it done (some foundries even have an artist on staff.) Depending on the method you start with, either clay or wax and if you want multple copies made, will determine your directon and even more cost.
However, only if one is to be made, it will be made as a brakeable mold or if mutiples, a reuseable mothermold. Assuming the bust is lifesize, I would estimate two thousand dollars for the bronze metal (varies depending on the market price) and a thousand for the mold. Usually the foundry balks at retail and they like resellers ID numbers. Contact your bronze foundry for current costs. (SEND THEM A PHOTO AND TALK VIA EMAIL (this is assuming the clay or wax bust is made already. Depending on the artist or a do it yourself, add another 2,000 dollars for design/labor-about $5,000.00 total.

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