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Hi i need to make green patina for raw steel,i'm making a landscape out of rawsteel it's a project i'm doing with another person , and we are making a three from steel and i want to give it that green look? i found that using vinegar on rawsteel it gave me that rust color that was good for my rocks, but green is what i'm looking for on raw steel for my threes ,

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It seems there are various ways to do what you are trying:

-copper plate your sculptures,and then you can colour them like copper.
- Immersion copper for iron and steel:
50 gm copper sulphate
50 gm ammonia(25%)
1 lit water You must add some tartaric acid(pH must be 3,5)! It can be sprayed or painted on your object!

-1 Tbsp ammonium chloride (Sal ammoniac)
1 Tbsp salt
1 oz ammonia
1 qt. bottled or distilled water

-copper sulfate solution by mixing copper sulfate crystals with water, a little at a time, until the water will no longer dissolve the copper sulfate.

Take a look at : http://asuwlink.uwyo.edu/~metal/patinas.html

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www.jpennyltd.co.uk have a look at the site
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