Hi I have a D. Julian Hayes bronze casting of a fawn and fem...

Hi I have a D. Julian Hayes bronze casting of a fawn and female. I am wanting to sell it but have no clue as to what it is worth.

I also have a bronze casting of J.M. Lambeaux's Le Baiser (The Kiss). I noticed on ebay an artist by the name of J.F. Lambeaux who's art and bronze castings look very similar. I was wondering if one was a fake or if one artist's work is worth more than the others.

5 years ago #2
chris davies

You probably need to do some deep research or talk to me. I have the latest new research on Lambeaux so do not be fooled by the idiots on the internet. There is a LOT of mis-information and mis-naming of items..and poor reproductions and reductions. Which exact Jef Lambeaux item do you have ? Faun mordu/de gebeten faun/the embittered faun...this was exhibited in 1905 at the Liege Exposition and created a scandal and witch-hunt. Best wishes Chris Davies

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