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Help! Large crystal ball with casting resin.

I am directing a production of the Wizard of Oz and am trying to make a very large (36-48&quot hollow crystal ball for the Witch's castle.
Right now I am using casting resin and a large exercize ball and painting it on to the ball with the intention of deflating the ball after the process is complete.

I have run into a snag. Now I have only put one layer on so far, however because of the nature of the resin it appears that it is running down the sides which i expected, but is also leaving parts that i had painted over, empty, If I put more layers on would this rememdy itself after a layer or two or will this continue and should I find a different (but still fairly inexpensive) way to make this? I am aiming to spend no more than $150 on this project.
Thank You for any advice you have to offer.

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If thats not working for you, you could make a two piece plaster cast of the ball - seal the plaster with a sealer and then build up the two halves

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plaster reliefs.michael ...

HI i know this was a long time ago. but if you or any one else needs to have a crystal ball you can by large or small clear light weight plastic balls.

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