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Hello, I am new here and have not even brought clay yet... so am new to clay. I would like to sculpt faces, do not own a kiln so would need air drying clay... saying that I have been looking at clay and maybe kiln clay would be the way to go so that I have a lot of time to work with it without it drying out, I could then find a kiln later or just re-use the clay to start again... or is that not possible?
Anyway, I need to know what is the best clay to use for sculpting faces, and also where to buy in the UK.
Then I have the questions of ... what would I use to hold the head up?? Do I need wooden blocks etc?? So many questions.... but these are the ones I need to know the answers to for now.

Any good tutorials that anyone knows of would also be great.

Thankyou very much.

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HI. i live in the uk type in alec tiranti for everything you need including tutorials and books.

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