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Hello, how do you thing is it possible to make a soft silicone sock that would make my left leg ( which suffered a trauma many years ago, it is a bit deformed)to look like my right ( normal ) leg? That would give me the chance to wear dresses, skirts so on...

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This is right down my alley!

Since you may not want to post an image of your foot /leg, may I suggest that you post the images to my personal email.

The solutions differ depending on whether your leg is deformed or its your foot.

Either way I don't see you fabricating the prosthesis (which is what the device you need is called)

You may need the services of a Prosthetist or and Anaplastologist or both. The device you need will require to be both functional and aesthetic (life like appearance), and it is quite a technical procedure.

If I may suggest, you best bet is to travel to Belgium to have the prosthesis made by Jan DeCubber. Write to me.

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