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What is the Paid Expert's Assistance program?

The Paid Expert's Assistance program allows users to earn money for answering questions. Whenever a user posts a question, he can choose to send it as a paid question to a specific expert. When this happens, the expert receives a share of the payment.

Any user meeting a certain criteria can sign up as an Expert to the program. Signing up is free with no hidden costs. Expert questions are private; they are shown only to the user asking the question and the Expert who answers.

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Why should I become an Expert on My Sculptures Gallery?

  • Earn money while having fun!
  • Flexible hours (we're open 24/7).
  • Work from home.
  • Focus your attention on the people who appreciate you.
  • It's free.

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Who can become an Expert on My Sculptures Gallery?

Any registered user meeting the following criteria:

  • 18 years of age or older.
  • Answer at least 40 community questions (overall).
  • Have at least 4 users rate you.
  • Maintain a minimum 80% positive user rating.

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How much can I earn as an Expert?

You can earn between 30% and 40% of the income for each Expert question you answer, depending on your user rating for that month.

The default Expert question price is $8.00 before discounts and coupons (with a maximum discount of 30%). You can set the price charged for questions you answer before discounts on the Expert Setting page. Note: the more authoritative you are, the more people will be willing to pay you per question answered.


How do I become an Expert on My Sculptures Gallery?


Is it free to become an Expert?

Yes, it is absolutely free, with no hidden costs.


How do I choose the area of my expertise?

You don't have to. The system will automatically identify the top experts to each question automatically. You can choose topics you want to avoid by adding a list of stop words separated by commas on your Expert Settings tab on the Update Profile page.

If you still prefer to limit questions sent to you to a specific list of keywords, you can do so by adding a list of required words separated by commas on your Expert Settings tab. Note: defining required words will reduce the number of questions sent to you. Users do not always use the keywords you have defined or spell them as you did in your definitions (typos, abbreviations, etc.).


How do I know that new questions have been sent to me?

You will be notified of any new question sent to you via notification that this is a private question. In addition, you will see all questions waiting for your answer on the special Paid Expert's Assistance display, located above the Latest Activity area (on the right panel).


How can I get more Expert questions?


How can I give users a good experience and make them return to ask me?


Why should I increase my authority?


How can I increase my authority?

  • Write high quality articles on your blog. Good articles are featured on the homepage.
  • Answer users' free questions helpfully. You will both show your knowledge to readers and get votes.
  • Comment on other users blog posts. They will comment on your blog posts in return and increase your posts’ popularity.


Is my authority effected by my answers on the open forum?

Definitely yes.


How is the list of suggested Experts chosen for a question?

The system identifies the top experts for each question based on text analysis and the expert’s Authority Rank. Those experts are than presented to the user asking the question; the user then chooses the one he likes.


What is the Authority Rank?

The Authority Rank is an automatically calculated rank assigned to each expert. Authority technology takes into account your contribution to the community, your user rating and several other factors related to your activity on the site.Note: the Authority Rank is just a mathematical way of representing what users think about you. When you take an active part on the community, users see it and come to see you as an authority.


What should I do if I prefer not to answer a question?

Reply to the user and ask him to request a refund. Please note that on such cases your rating would not be affected.


If I suggest a user to request a refund, will it affect my rating?

Not at all. By default the refund doesn't include a vote. Only if a user explicitly submit a negative vote along with the refund, it has an effect on your rating. Since users add a negative vote to a refund requested by an expert only on extreme cases, your rating will not be affected.


How is my share calculated?

For any payment made in order to get an answer from you, you get 30% plus 1% for any difference between the positive and negative votes you have received throughout the related calendar month, with a maximum share of 40%. For example, if on June you have received 8 positive votes and 1 negative, your share would be 37% of all questions asked throughout that month.


What are the payment options?

We pay via Paypal. Sign up a free Paypal account and update your payment email address on the Expert Settings tab, to which we will send your payments.


When is my payment issued?

You initiate your payment, so you can request payment whenever you want as long as your confirmed balance has reached the minimum payment amount.

To initiate your payment go to your earning report, click "Pay My Confirmed Balance" and confirm the payment details. You should see the payment in your account within two working days.


How can I see my balance?

You can see your current balance through the Expert Earning Report. Expert users have a link to it from the My Pages menu on the top.


What is the pending balance?

Pending balance is your share of the payments made for your answers, paid during the last 30 days. If after 30 days a payment was not refunded, your share is moved from the pending balance to the confirmed balance.


What is the confirmed balance?

Confirmed balance is your share of all payments made for your answers, minus the pending balance and the payment already paid to you.


Is there a minimum payment amount?

Yes. The minimum payment amount is $50 aggregated.


Is there a way to compare prices with other experts before setting a price of my own?

You can ask a question on your area of expertise and see what other experts are charging for their answers.


My earnings per question have dropped recently. Why is that?

Your expert earnings are correlated to votes you have received during the related calender month.

  • If the time is early on the calendar month, most likely you did not yet get your usual amount of positive votes for the month. As a result, your extra share for votes didn't kick in yet. In this case, you should see the earnings per question rise as you get more positive votes throughout the month.
  • If you have received negative votes recently, those votes may have affected your earnings for the month.
  • If you have recently changed the price charged for questions sent to you, double check there is no mistake on the new price you have set.
  • If you feel there might be a problem on the system, please contact us.


I believe a mistake was made with my payment. What should I do?

Please contact us.


Can I donate my payment?

Yes you can donate your payment to any organization you want to. In such a case you can add a special honor tag to your profile.


How can I find my answers on the site?

There are three ways to find your answers on the site:

  • The best way to find old answers is by using the search functionality at the top right.
  • You can find your recent answers on your profile page.
  • You can also find all your answers on your Earning Report.


What happens if the user requests a refund?

If a user requests a refund, the share of his payment for that Expert question will be removed from your payment.


Why wouldn't people request a refund after getting an answer?

First, we believe that people are basically honest :-)

Second, when a user requests a refund he is notified that:

  • He will not receive further discounts in the future.
  • All experts can see his refund on future questions.
  • The expert that answered him will be notified of the refund and its reason.

We believe that users who intend to use our website for more than one question will not request a refund without some just cause.


How can I set the price for questions I answer?

You can set the price users will be charged per question on the Expert Settings tab, from the Update Profile page.


I am taking some days off. How can I temporarily disable my account?

You can uncheck the Account Enabled option on the Expert Settings tab. You can re-enable your account at any time in the future.

After being offline for more than 14 days you would be removed from the Experts List automatically.


How can I set the days of the week I am usually offline?

You can uncheck those days on the Active Days setting on the Expert Settings tab.


Does the price affect my position on the suggested Experts list?

No, the price does not effect your position on the suggested Experts list from our side. Obviously, higher or lower pricing will effect the number of questions sent to you.


Can I ask users to contact me outside of My Sculptures Gallery?

No. Our rules forbid this. As an expert you must also make sure your contact information does not appear on the site.


Can I stop getting notifications about Expert questions?

No. You must always get notifications of Expert questions sent to you. You can disable all other notifications if you choose to.


Can I talk to someone about information from an Expert question?

No! The information discussed in Expert questions is private.


Do I have to provide personal details on my Profile Page?

You do not have provide any details about yourself on your Profile Page, though we recommend that you do. Whatever information you choose to provide must be accurate and updated at all times.


Should I answer follow-up questions?

Yes. We allow users to ask up to 4 follow-up questions on the same original subject up to 7 days after their payment was made. Users are free to correspond with you as required to explain their question, as long as the interactive process is completed no later than 7 days after their payment was made.


Are there questions I should not answer?

Definitely! For example, questions that should be addressed to a licensed professional -- such as a medical or a legal question -- should left to professionals. Don’t answer questions like this unless you are authorized to do so by the law. Another type of question that you should not answer are questions that legally require an in-place examination. These are just a couple of examples, but the guidelines should be honored.

The expert agreement might give you an idea of subjects you should not answer. If you are not sure if you are eligible to answer a question, ask your lawyer or avoid answering the question.

If you decide not to answer a question, please follow our avoiding answering guidelines.




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