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I just started making clear casting resin jewellery and find I'm spending too much time on sanding the pieces down to achieve a glass-finish effect. It gets very difficult because the pieces are very small and rounded, and if I don't sand them well, it ends up with a sticky finish and doesn't polish well.

So far I've used some jewellery making moulds (which I don't have to sand loads) and some other homemade rubber moulds (pieces come out a bit sticky and do need to sand). I would then start with wet and dry from 200 up to 2000 and finish with a hand drill polish bit and blue polishing.

I've had a guy saying that I should try putting the pieces in the washing machine with some cloths and that should sand and polish it nicely (similarly to the drums used to polish silver pieces) - would that work? do you know of any other way of making it easier?

Many thanks!

3 years ago

did you ever find a good solution to sanding your resin pieces? Thanks

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There is some advice here; www.swannysmodels.com/TheCompleteFuture.html

Its recommended that you use fine grades--like 10,000 or 12,000 grit.

Aside from Novus (tapplastics.com ), some recommend you can also try toothpaste, that is a very fine mildly abrasive polish.

Further, it recommended that you use Dremel buffing wheels which can reach into places a 'normal' buffer could not - you can even use a pointed-tip Dremel felt attachment (with polishing compound...ick...) to reach inside of deep, or thin cracks.

references: www.instructables.com/answers/Best-to-polish-clear- cast-resin/
skinnerstudio.blogspot.com/2009/.../resin-jewelry- tutorial-sanding.html
aldax.com.au/techtiparticles/ finishingresinjewellery.htm

3 years ago
mick pearson

ive notised that you ascked a question 1 and a half years ago is that why there is no reply do you still have problems or ar you still doing this

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