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Casting concrete garden ornaments by mickpearson
Painting on the latex Sometimes, not all the time, concrete ornaments have a wee problem with air getting trapped between the latex that is being painted on. In order to prevent this from occurring, I recommend watering down some white PVA glue; just a watery mix, and let it dry in. Then, you can start to paint on your latex. When painting the latex on, remember that you will need several ...
The Ten Dollar Vibrater by BackYardBuilder

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HI JAYMOND. as you say a cold damp place is where the mould is coming from. the same thing happens to latex rubber moulds. the best is making sure they are kept of the floor and onto a ...
by mickpearson - 8 minutes ago
dipping sorted i think mick pictures not clear ill redo dont no y but first 2 are dipped with liquid rubber and very sturdy the 3rd pick of meercat was dipped in liquid latex i asummed were ...
by paul2667 - 10 minutes ago
so think mastered dipping cant find where leave pics
by paul2667 - 17 minutes ago
what kind of spray finish do you use?
by Wendy - 21 hours ago
Thanks Mick :)
by Vale - 23 hours ago
iv'e just bought another 5.ltr latex to keep my tub topped up. 25 quid plus 8 quid post. from mbfg fibreglass.uk good company to deal with.
by mickpearson - 1 day ago
It may be a good idea to seal the concrete. Concrete is rather porous and sealing it will protect the concrete itself as well as aid in releasing the mold. (With all the tiny holes filled, ...
by BackYardBuilder - 1 day ago
if you are planing on making medium size castings i would save the expense of buying a large mixer. and use a paddle mixer on the end of a large drill. iv'e seen them used on youtube. they ...
by mickpearson - 2 days ago
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