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How to encapsulate an object in resin by mickpearson
Think about how you would like the end mold to look - for example, what if you enclosed the object in a glass mould box?To do this: First, you would take a piece and wax polish it with wax release agent until it is nice and shiny. Then, put strips of cut glass around to make the frame. Next, use silicone sealer to stick the glass to the glass. Then, use a translucent pigment to color a ...

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HI TOM. i was home late last night after being out with my grand kids. at the beach and park. all day outing cost a fortune we bought them ice cream three of them they are young and the ...
by mickpearson - 18 hours ago
congrats. it took me 5 attempts nothing like being free on the road. good on ye. iv'e been busy making huge gnomes antique bafarien. i aim to make quite a few for next summer bafarien are ...
by mickpearson - 1 day ago
by mickpearson - 2 days ago
by mickpearson - 2 days ago
HI TONY. thank you for sharing. the painted on marble effect is very effective and looks like real marble. so if i had not cheated and knew you painted it i would think it was the real ...
by mickpearson - 5 days ago
WWW.INDIAMART.COM HI AAKASH i can only give you this link. you will have to search the web for more companies that sell the resin you want. but indiamart is good for you.
by mickpearson - 6 days ago
I want resin part 1 nd part 2 . Pleas send me all information abaut resin with prise per leater. I want to cast the toy.
by Guest - 6 days ago
Please help me identify my sculpture, it wasa gift.i just was curious on the value of any. Thanks you
by head wooden sculpture - 1 week ago
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