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Professional Mold Cleaning for Concrete Casters by BackYardBuilder
Cleaning Latex Molds
Planning to use a hammer and chisel to clean a fiberglass mold? Be very careful. It will work, but if you happen to miss - you can crack or chip the glass. (It's not impossible to repair, but it will require a lot of work.) Here's how the high ...
What kind of paint do I use to paint concrete lawn ornaments? by Vale
Credit for this post goes to Angela. After the statue has cured, wet it with water. Make sure to water down your base coat also, (an acrylic latex exterior flat paint is the best). Next, cover your statue and allow it to dry. Then take the same ...

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Looks like a barbed connector to me. Just get a plastic hose (I'm guessing 3/4") similar to what they use for aquariums and connect it to a pump. It should fit on just by friction. If it ...
by BackYardBuilder - 1 day ago
Are you interested in selling "Boy with Pigeon" ? Mia and her husband Robert were good friends of ours. Please advise asap
by Guest - 2 days ago
Yes. Resin statues can be repaired quite easily. Re-attach pieces using a polyurethane glue and then fill any areas as needed. Small amounts of autobody filler can be purchased from ...
by BackYardBuilder - 2 days ago
use dish washing soap on the outside of your latex mold this will help you slip the mold of. after that just patch the holes with some wet plaster mix. if you have cast them in plaster. ...
by MICHAEL - 4 days ago
This marking is on the bottom of a tiger sculpture that appears to be bronze. Can you help identify this?
by Guest - 5 days ago

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