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Properly Curing Concrete by BackYardBuilder
Image by LDS One of the more common questions we receive on the site is in regards to the proper curing of concrete. People starting out in the concrete casting hobby are often in a rush to get their items out of the mold and on display. They ...
Hardcoating foam by nothingtodocrew
Bondo on foam
Hey guys, I am a pretty beginner builder and I had no clue what to apply to my foam project to get a good hardcoat, so I began experimenting. The 2 big winners for me were "Durham's water putty" and Bondo. In this project, I was applying on ...

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Mold Making Tutorial: Silicone Mold of Clay Sculpture | Polytek ... https://www. polytek. com/tutorial/mold-making-tutorial this is not a violation of rules
by MICHAEL - 8 hours ago
Thanks alot to you for gaving me the confidence to continue my project until the end! :) I'll certainly use this little mold I made for other birds in the future :P
by Aureane - 1 day ago
I did the indentations for the other half of the mold. I am going to make a hard mother mold out of Polytek 1512X. I will will post as to my success or failure with this project. Thanks ...
by ia67flh - 1 day ago
Thank you soooo much for your time:)
by sharon - 1 day ago
The difference between a 5 dollar bag of regular ready-mix and a 9 dollar bag of fast set ready mix, is about 6 cents worth of accelerator. But as was pointed out at the start of the ...
by BackYardBuilder - 2 days ago
GosforthGal wrote: Tried to add some product shots but I'm getting a message saying I'm violating rules?! Not sure who might be sending you that little note. Not me anyways.... We always ...
by BackYardBuilder - 2 days ago
Moved to "Real Doll Sculpting" forum. * * * * * "Skeleton" parts?? Do you mean wire armatures?
by BackYardBuilder - 2 days ago

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