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The Business of Casting by BackYardBuilder
This is going to be a rather involved subject and I will likely have to spread it out over several posts. Here is part 1.A lot of people come to this forum wanting to really know only one thing. How can I turn my hobby into money? While the Statuary ...
Making a water feature out of anything by mickpearson
You can make a water feature out of anything by sticking a piece of pipe (cut to one or two inches) before you make a latex mould. You just need to glue the pipe to whatever you are using, be it a fish or skull... anything, in fact. Once you have ...
Tips for making planters by BackYardBuilder

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How does being over-simplified make it worthless? Some people need step by step instructions to understand the process, others don't... There's no need to leave a negative comment JayTee!
by Vale - 3 hours ago
have a frost/translucent w/color statue ~11inch high, of a standing angel gathering stars in dress lifted in front -and- another frost/translucent w/color one of a winged fairy riding a ...
by Guest - 9 hours ago
HI MIKECLEGG. moulding powder. or fine casting plaster can be baught anywhere craft shops ebay. builders sell 25 kilow bags i used to buy it years ago. don't know if that's what your ...
by mickpearson - 1 day ago
I have a lady holding a hoop which I think is bronze. It is signed by Gilbert Bayes. Can you give an indication of value please? Thank you
by Guest - 2 days ago
i do the same with latex. all the left overs come in handy. and if i get wet latex on my hands i will rub my hands together and re use the latex that comes of the hands. same with casting. ...
by mickpearson - 2 days ago
its a faster way to make moulds as you see for yourself paul. you have a large store in such a short time. i like the casting of the baby with teddy i think that will be a big hit with ...
by mickpearson - 2 days ago
THANKS BEE GEE. nice to see you again i must have missed that post when i could not sign in.hope to see you soon.:) mick.
by mickpearson - 2 days ago
Hi Backyard Builder, Thanks for getting back to me. Ive watched a fair few youtube tutorials on making latex molds, so I think I`d be ok with that. I have a large Isle of lewis set that I ...
by Total newbie - 2 days ago
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