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Solved: Concrete sculptures feel soft and the grit is loose by BackYardBuilder
Fisherc wrote: I mixed 2 1/2 parts sand, 1 part concrete and small amount of pea gravel as I have read is afewuaye but several of my concrete pieces came out very soft and you could run your hand down the side and feel the loose grit. These ...
How to create a large ball using casting resin by Vale
Credit for this post goes to Mike. STEP #1 Inflatate the exercise ball to almost completely full. STEP #2 Apply mold release liquid: Use a turkey baster or flavor injecting syringe to inject mold releasing liquid into the ball. Roll the ball ...

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I'm not sure you can do it without a mold, per say, but depending on exactly what you want, there are a number of different options available to you. I was thinking something like a glass ...
by BackYardBuilder - 1 day ago
Thanks for posting these tips!
by Vale - 1 day ago
Welcome back, thanks for sharing your work with us!
by Vale - 2 days ago
I have a problem. I started to make a clay coral reef on top of a glass table and I was just gonna put a glass display dome. Then I was doing some research and saw that resin can have items ...
by alison - 2 days ago
This is referred to as a magical floating faucet because of the way it was suspended on air with the water flowing through it.
by Marra M - 3 days ago
I made gummy bears and used that (which I call "gummy") as a casting medium... one great feature of it was if you put in in the refrigerator for a few weeks it would shrink without ...
by mysteryartist - 5 days ago
It was shown on a show where this creature delicately balances its huge body. It is a site to behold.
by Marra M - 5 days ago

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