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What kind of paint do I use to paint concrete lawn ornaments? by Vale
Credit for this post goes to Angela. After the statue has cured, wet it with water. Make sure to water down your base coat also, (an acrylic latex exterior flat paint is the best). Next, cover your statue and allow it to dry. Then take the same ...
Three ways that you can use cement to create a sculpture by mickpearson
Credit for this post goes to mick. One method is to cast the cement in a mould. Another method is to make a wire shape over old rags or news papers and make your mix a thick mix and lay it in and around the wire support or armature and sculpt ...
Silicon Mold Recipe by Nordkoster

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Do I need to use a release agent on the surface of concrete original when making a silicone rubber mould?
by storm - 1 hour ago
When painting a cement statue is it better to seal the entire statue or to leave the bottom unsealed?
by Vale - 7 hours ago
thanks back yard builder! great information made simple!!.. well done!!.. best wishess, to all on this site!...
by THOM - 1 day ago
back yard builder, i am sighned in... is mick around any more?.. hope that he is fine..-- gel coat??? not sure about that?..---...attached a image, of a public sculpture, that i like!. ...
by thomlocke73 - 3 days ago
What are the differences between polyester and epoxy resins?
by Vale - 3 days ago
I'm going to guess she's an Indian goddess of some type. My wife thinks Taiwanese. From that 'neck of the woods' anyhow....
by BackYardBuilder - 3 days ago

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