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Which silicone to use when casting a doll? by mickpearson
When casting a doll, any silicone you want to use is the answer. People pick a silicone and stick by it because it's the silicone they have come to know. So, any mould making silicone will do. The silicone used for making the mould (UK spelling; ...
What are the laws on reproducing dolls from molds purchased on Ebay? by mickpearson
Like any moulds bought, you are allowed to make and sell the castings. However, you are not allowed to make more moulds and sell the moulds. Or course, this does not stop the average person... If it is a proper business that is selling the ...

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Oh,by the way, I am looking for a mold to created my reborn doll, have any one created, their doll with a mold,please email me,if you have or you know who have,maybe they can tell me how ...
by Alberta Reid - 3 hours ago
the videos are great some of them so you can use them and add them to your own ideas.
by mickpearson - 1 day ago
its art tom so i don't want to delete this picture anyway.
by mickpearson - 1 day ago
no cement fondue is like any other cement concrete can be made in the same way. but its a fast setting cement only taking 4 hours to harden enough to demold but still 24 hours to fully ...
by mickpearson - 1 day ago
mick these images, can you take out, the ones with the hand and the number on the hands,.,,??? thanks,.,.yea its a drag, but people seem pretty uptight. so.. best to delete it...
by thomlocke73 - 2 days ago
yes mine does, does that mean its a genuine item
by douglas - 4 days ago
indeed, mick, thom locke 73.. it worked, a new password and i could sighn in, i tried this before,. and it did not work?..
by thomlocke73 - 5 days ago
mick, my question is, are you seeing the images, i sent to you, via old postings, i still can not sighn in.. so sending you images, of the new piece. can you see improvments, hair ...
by thom.. - 5 days ago
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