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What are the laws on reproducing dolls from molds purchased on Ebay? by mickpearson
Like any moulds bought, you are allowed to make and sell the castings. However, you are not allowed to make more moulds and sell the moulds. Or course, this does not stop the average person... If it is a proper business that is selling the ...
The Business of Casting (Part 2) by BackYardBuilder
Now comes the hard part. It's time to look at the other parts of the equation. You need to figure out EXACTLY what it costs you to produce an item.Your time is a commodity. Treat it as such. Manage it wisely.You list of expenses will probably be ...
The Business of Casting by BackYardBuilder

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Have you had a unique experience that you'd like to share? Or, maybe you've been doing some research and you feel that it could help other users? Whatever it is, why not write a blog about ...
by Vale - 2 days ago
:thumb-up: looks great tom i noticed the whole street where looking in the photos and it looked nice outside in the sun. are you back on the web tom or is it to soon.?
by mickpearson - 6 hours ago
proof is in the pudin so they say glad it worked i bought aluminum sticky tape after watching youtube videos and thought ill swap it for my masking tape. not used it yet but i put the ...
by mickpearson - 19 hours ago
Thanks for the tip... I'll look on amazon now.:thumb-up:
by Jo90 - 22 hours ago
We found one of these in my grandmas estate. Can you give me any info? Holli larsen on fb
by Holli larsen - 1 day ago
i think iv'e seen the video is it the one where he makes a fibrglass from a mask? if so that is laminating polyester resin. he is first using a fine tissue matting before he puts a slightly ...
by mickpearson - 1 day ago
you could make a plaster mould to accommodate bolts jik. but i made a simple split mould.
by mickpearson - 1 day ago
HI JEANETTE. keep trying ebay for moulds even if you dont find them the first time. keep trying i have seen full size molds or moulds.
by mickpearson - 1 day ago
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