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How to make a mold and copy of a statue by namron
To make a latex mold and make a concrete copy you will need a few things and then follow the steps below. Materials: masking tape tub of latex for mold making paint brush cheesecloth heat gun mold release/cooking spray fiberglass mat polyester resin mix (resin and hardener) Steps: 1. Determine and draw a line where the seam of the mold will be 2. Clean the surface of one side ...

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Thanks Mick, I think it is very helpful!
by Vale - 15 hours ago
Mick, Your advice is honestly brilliant, I will google the products you mentioned it your reply tomorow. The possibilities seem endless it is going to fun, I will post back to let you know ...
by Salman - 15 hours ago
you can look at the list of posts now maureen ive brought them forward for you to see hope you like them.
by mickpearson - 1 day ago
and hear is my glow in the dark version maureen.
by mickpearson - 1 day ago
HI MAUREEN. hear is my concrete version of the GSD. ill find the one that glows in the dark for you.
by mickpearson - 1 day ago
Yes i have a turtle bronze table. Asking 8,000.00 http://www.mysculpturesgall
by Turtle bronze table - 1 day ago
HI. i believe resin is the hardest if it is cast solid and not hollow. sculpey is a clay you can buy and model in your hands then bake in a domestic oven. and becomes rock hard. so if you ...
by mickpearson - 2 days ago
HI NEIL. to repair why not use rapid set cement like cement all. for painting i use acrylic paint it is water soluble but once it drys it is water proof and good outdoors. does your models ...
by mickpearson - 3 days ago
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